Carbon Emissions Management

Our team has extensive expertise in the implementation of carbon emissions management strategies, including their certification in the energy, services and industry sectors.

ACA Services

We manage the set of procedures for an airport to be certified in one of the 6 levels of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. Our services include:


  1. Carrying out carbon inventories from direct and indirect sources.
  2. Development and monitoring of Carbon Management and Stakeholders Engagement Plans.
  3. Compliance with applicability criteria for each level of accreditation.
  4. Management of the verification and application process with the Program Administrator.
  5. Reporting & communication tools.
  6. Management of the offset process.


Enerion is a leader in ACA consultancy with more than 50 airports in its portfolio.
For more information on the ACA program:

ACA Services

Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality

Enerion develops for its clients a comprehensive management strategy for their carbon emissions, with the aim of achieving Carbon Neutral certification in an organization, products or events.


Our services include:

  1. Emission inventories in accordance with ISO14064-1 and ISO14067.
  2. Application of the French calculation tool Bilan Carbone®.
  3. Comprehensive management of emissions offset through referential programs.
  4. Management of the entire Carbon Neutral certification process.


Among our successful cases are:

  • Ron Barceló, First Rum certified Carbon Neutral (products and organization).
  • Mezcal Amarás, the first mezcal company to integrate a carbon neutrality initiative in its organization.

Carbon credits

Our team has years of experience registering projects and selling certificates from the main voluntary programs: Gold Standard (GS), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Our services include:


  1. Project registration: we fully manage the phases of preparation of the file, validation and final registration of emission reduction projects
  2. Issuance of certificates: we take care of incorporating the monitoring plan, managing the verification phase and registration of carbon certificates in the registration program platform.
  3. Marketing: we manage the sale of certificates, through sales contracts or spot transactions.


Enerion is a business partner of Aera Group, a leading French firm in the management of carbon credits in Africa:

Carbon credits


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